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All CLASSES are available for TERM 4 bookings and registration for 2023.  If you are a new enrolment to k43 an annual Member/Insurance Registration fee will apply. k43 is a provider for Active and Creative Vouchers and are accepted for Term classes.

For k43 First Timers Trial classes email us to make the booking.  Makeup classes are allowed by booking with the Manager and must be done within the Term of the class.

How to Pay:

To pay you have the option of CARD Payment in Centre.  We do not take payments online currently, our new Website coming soon will.

Our Bank Transfer details are as follows:

k43 Training Centre

Bsb: 012 445

Acc: 432102932

We accept Active and Creative Vouchers, please email through the Voucher and DOB of child with Booking to Subject: VOUCHER



To develop your little 4-5 yrs old Ninjas while having fun. 

The obstacles move these Warriors to climb, hang, jump, and swing with equipment set up safely to progress boundlessly.


Class Times  1 hour

Term fee is $220 for 10 classes.


A fun Ninja class for 6 - 8 years to learn to swing, balance, grip obstacles and base gymnastics skills. Rookie Ninjas is designed for teaching kids the fundamental skills for the sport of Ninja.

They will learn how to use Monkey Bars, Balance Obstacles and the Soft Warped Wall. 

Class Times  1 hour

Term fee is $220 for 10 classes


A Ninja class for tweens ages 9 - 12  to swing, hang, and have fun.

The Intermediate Class is a development class that will get you on a variety of skill-based obstacles and also includes a full-body conditioning workout. There will be challenges for the k43 Ninja Achievement Program.

Class Times  1 hour

Term fee is $220 for 10 classes

BOX WARRIOR Class coming soon!



The k43 class for Teens to learn the sport of Ninja and compete.  The class will develop basic skills required for Ninja and achieve a full body conditioning workout. 


Class Times 1.5 hours

Term fee is $330 for 10 classes



A blend of gymnastics and ninja for ages 5 -10 years.

Our Gymja classes are focused on a combination of ninja basics, tumbling and the foundational skills of gymnastics for balance, movement, and physical development.

Class Times  1 hour

Term fee is $220 for 10 classes

k43 CLASSES FOR Teens & Adults


Ninja fitness meets cardio fitness

Whether you want to train for the next Spartan race, get fit, lose weight, or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, OCR Fit will push you by means of obstacle and cardio endurance training.


Boxfit with Chris Nixon our own Level 2 MMA Accredited Boxing Instructor.

A great class for Teens and Parents to get fit together.

New Class Time for Term 4 TBC

IMG_6386 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Our best class for Teens and Adults since we opened with the quality Coach Chris Nixon of Streetfit Calisthenics.

A class where you learn to use your body's strength to achieve muscle tone.

Expressions of Interest

email us at

Class Times  1 hour

Term Fee is $250 for 10 classes

(Casual visit allowed $25 per class)



 A class for learning to flip safely with correct technique.

Tween Tumbling focusing on base skills of front, back flips, back and front Handsprings and aerials with some wall flips.

Class Times 1 hour  

Term fee is $220 for 10 classes


A class for Tumblers to learn twisting, Parkour moves and upskills.

Learn to front and back flip on the Tumbletrak, floor and tramp. Have fun with tricks, Parkour and freestyle.

Open to all ages.

Class Times 1 hour

Term fee is $220 for 10 classes



Class Time 1 hour

Term Fee is $300 for 10 weeks

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