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AirBall and Aquabag

AirBall and Aquabag

The AquaBag and AquaBall are the “all you need” fitness equipment. When filled with water and air, these training bags willincrease imbalance in every movement.

Constant corrections help strengthen muscles that would otherwise be ignored. The largest size can weigh up to 40kg! Due to the versatility of the AquaLine the equipment is suited for Core, Strength, Coordination and much more!



*Hand pump (included)

*Foot pump


*Carrying Bag


Contact us at for price.


    *Three different sizes                                              *Fits in your backpack!
    *Completely silent                                                    *For all ages                   *Adjust the weight to your skill level                  *Inflation time one minute

    Product sizes:

    AquaBag S      Ø 20 x 65 cm - 15kg max

    AquaBag M     Ø 20 x 85 cm - 25kg max

    AquaBag L       Ø 25 x 85 cm - 40 kg max


    AquaBall S      Ø 30 cm - 15kg max

    AquaBall M      Ø 40 cm - 25kg max

    AquaBall L         Ø 50 cm - 40kg max




    Our Return & Refund Policy is as follows:

    Due to the quality and shipping of these products then we advise that you choose carefully.  

    We will give a full Refund on faulty equipment ONLY that is received in a faulty condition.  No refund will be given if the product has been used consecutively for months and then a complaint about being faulty is received. No refund is given if you change your mind when order has been placed.

    We guarantee all our products are made with quality design and quality manufacturing methods.


    If you need any further details please contact us at k43 Training Centre on


    Due to products being shipped from overseas we will quote the freight on each individual order.  

Color: Black
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