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We are currently the Australian Distributor for AirTrack Factory.

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Swing into k43 the one stop space for niche sports. NINJA Warrior, PARKOUR, Aerial Silks, Tumbling, Gymjas & Box Warrior Fitness.


Ninja is the fun obstacle sport for all ages and abilities. At k43 our Ninja Classes are packed with action, excitement and lots of obstacles. 

​The classes are designed for beginners to learn the basics and for more seasoned athletes to further improve their current skill set.

Level up and earn points and prizes and climb the leaderboard through our k43 Ninja Achievement Board.

​Whether you are having fun on the obstacles, challenging the Warped Wall, or leveling up for Ninja Competitions, k43 is the place for Ninja in Gladesville. 

Visit us at k43 with our qualified American Ninja Warrior Coach, Australian Ninja Warrior Coach and Ninja Coaches.


Gymjas is the class for developing base skills for Dance, Gymnastics or Ninja. The skills will be learnt on a variety of equipment at k43 in our new fresh style Training Centre.  We endeavour for the children to have fun and learn challenging activities.

k43 Tumbling is simply about learning to flip, twist, land safely, connect tumbling skills with core fundamentals and conditioning. Our qualifed and experienced Tumbling Coach will have many challenges for these participants.

Parkour and Flippin n Tricks is a mix of Acrobatic Tricks, free-running, parkour with a mix of breakdance. These classes will focus on the building on existing skills to learn our Parkour program.


Aerial Dance combines Circus Arts and Dancing in a unique and exciting way, promoting creativity, fitness and fun! Learning Silks at k43 Training Centre will teach you how to climb, wrap and invert yourself into incredible aerial manoeuvres and poses, with advancements through the levels enabling the implementation of drops, rolls, and all the adrenaline you desire.


Unlock true body awareness and achieve your full physical potential through Calisthenics. Calisthenics will teach you to move in ways you never thought possible by utilising your own bodyweight.  Instead of leaving you feeling stiff and injured, Calisthenics focuses on healthy functional movement which integrates strength, mobility and balance, allowing you to move with ease in your everyday life.

BOXFIT for Teens & Adults

Boxfit is with our Specialised Instructor Chris Nixon, ex Boxer, MMA Level 2 Boxing Instructor and also our Calisthenics Instructor.

You will get in shape like you have never been and you will have the most fun doing it.  Look and feel better starting today at k43.


Warehouse 6, Level 1, 436-484 Victoria road,
Gladesville NSW 2111

k43 Centre: 0404 455 464


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