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Ninja Warrior
Corporate Challenge

k43 Ninja Warrior offers a TAILOR-MADE Team Building experience that ignites a fresh sense of purpose and unity among your staff, leaving them invigorated and instilled with a newfound energy that will reverberate throughout your company.

k43 Team Building

k43 Team Building tailored for creative fun playful solutions to engage and develop staff.

K43 focuses on building strong positive relations among your employees and boost collaborative habits.

Our Specialised Host will challenge your Team with creative fitness exercises, obstacle training, games and fun.  Your Team will jump, fly, swing and bounce and also learn the tricks for Ninja Warrior Obstacles with the ultimate challenge of Beating the Warped Wall.

Why Team Building

- Improved communications

- Boosted wellbeing

-Better employee confidence

-Growth of trust

-Uncover Hidden talents

-Increased collaboration

-Discover creativity

To Register your interest and for further information please contact the Manager on 0404455464 or email

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