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Toddletuff Playgroup

From Little Things, Big things Grow!

Welcome to our Toddletuff Playgroup for walking to 5 years. Explore playing with purpose to develop fine and gross motor skills to achieve movement milestones.  A child parent/carer gymnastics and ninja based activity with a wholistic journey of discovery. If you are looking for Ninja and Gymnastics base skills for your little ones then k43 has what you need!


Let your little learners develop problem solving skills with our 'real deal' Ninja Warrior obstacles and gymnastics equipment. Our equipment is designed to create challenges that inspires learning.

k43 Toddletuff Playgroup in Gladesville, to have fun exploring movement while jumping, swinging, rotating and Ninja balance.  Develop your childs' independence, learning to move with confidence and engage in social interaction. Casual drop ins welcome.

Toddletuff Playgroup 

Tuesday & Thursday

Walking - 3yrs   

9.30am - 10.30am

Cost $11 per visit

Toddletuff Playgroup Tuesday 

         3yrs - 5yrs         

10.30am - 11.30am

Cost $15 per visit

Toddletuff Saturday

Coming soon

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