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k43 Ninja

Ninja Warrior

At k43 Ninja Warrior classes we develop a heightened sense of spatial awareness for the base foundations for all sports. With a fusion of Ninja Warrior obstacles, Parkour, and Gymnastics, k43 will have all Ninjas swinging, rotating, flippin, climbing and jumping in a fun and safe environment.

k43 Ninja Warrior classes are structured around strength, speed, agility, balance, swinging and coordination.  Team based activities for building confidence, physical competence and motivation.

k43 Ninja Warrior is affiliated with UNAA (Ultimate Ninja Athletic Association in the USA) and we host Regional Qualifiers Competitions for the pathway to State, Nationals and Worlds in the USA.

k43 Pathway for Ninja

At k43 we do the real deal sport of "Ninja Warrior". We have our Ninjas who enjoy the benefits of exercising and the challenge of conquering Ninja obstacles.  And the Ninjas who like to compete at Ninja competitions. We provide for both with our Pathway starting from Toddletuff through to Ninja Masters. Come join us to Master your Moves as a Ninja.

Ninja Master #1

The progression from Rookies for k43 Ninjas who are learning to become stronger with their moves.  Base gymnastics, parkour and a focus on building strength for Ninja Warrior 'the real deal". Ideal class for 8 years up

Mini Warriors

Ninjas have fun exploring movement while jumping, swinging, rotating and Ninja balance.  Develop your childs' independence, learning to move with confidence and engage in social interaction.

Ninja, Parkour and Gymnastics based class, with a strong foundation of skills to launch all sports. Ideal class for 4 - 5 year olds.

Ninja Master Competitive

The class for Ninja Warriors "the real deal".  k43 Ninjas will learn how to do the competitive stream for Ninja Warrior competitions, challenging their individual progress to master their moves.  The Ninja Master class is invite only

Rookie Ninjas

The class for Rookie Ninjas to start becoming our future Ninja Warriors and develop all the base skills for learning swinging, rotation, Ninja balance, flippin, gymnastics and parkour.  A great foundation class for 6 - 8 year olds to master some cool moves while learning skills for overall body and spatial awareness. Ideal class for 6 - 8 years old. 

Open Ninja at k43

Coming soon

To REGISTER: All First timers please email for more information.  As an affiliated Gymnastics Club you will need to pay an Annual Registration fee upon enrolling in class and to do a make up class it must be done within the Term booked. After you have done your Free Trial class you need to immediately Register for your class.  Any delay will NOT guarantee your place!  You may refer to our Policies page for more information on this matter.

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