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Aerial Dance

Aerial Lyra at k43
Aerial Silk at k43

Aerial Dance combines Circus Arts and Dancing in a unique and exciting way, promoting creativity, fitness and fun! Learning Silks & Lyra at k43 Training Centre will teach you how to climb, wrap and invert yourself into incredible aerial manoeuvres and poses, with advancements through the levels enabling the implementation of drops, rolls and all the adrenaline you desire.

To REGISTER: All First timers please email for more information.  As an affiliated Gymnastics Club you will need to pay an Annual Registration fee upon enrolling in a class. After you have done your Free Trial class you need to immediately Register for your class.  Any delay will NOT guarantee your place!  You may refer to our Policies page for more information on this matter.

your Moves

Aerial Silks
4.00pm - 5.00pm

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Aerial Silks & Lyra Workshop

April Holiday Fun

16th April Tuesday 3pm - 5pm

Aerial Silks
5.00pm - 6.00pm

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