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Gymja Tumbling

k43 Gymnastics bars
k43 Gymja Tumbling

k43 Gymja is the combination of Gymnastics and Ninja for students who want to learn base gymnastics and ninja in a non competitive pathway. The Beginners class is a great base class for launching all sports. The Intermediate class is for extending and upskilling. Acro Gymja is a class with Acro skills for dancers and gymnastics tumbling. Our fully accredited Gymnastic Coaches tailor classes to your child's age and developmental stage all whilst having fun!

To REGISTER: All First timers please email for more information.  As an affiliated Gymnastics Club you will need to pay an Annual Registration fee upon enrolling in a class and to do a make up class it must be done within the Term booked. After you have done your Free Trial class you need to immediately Register for your class.  Any delay will NOT guarantee your place!  You may refer to our Policies page for more information on this matter.

Gymnastics your  Moves

Gymja Beginners

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Gymja  Acro

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Gymja Intermediate

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Tween Tumbling

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