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Flippin n Tricks

k43 Parkour
k43 Flippin n Tricks

Parkour is the sport of traversing by jumping, leaping, climbing or running, moving around or through various obstacles the quickest and most efficient way possible..

At k43 we are an indoor Parkour Program preparing skills in a safe environment. Our Parkour Specialist Coach Jacob Rodda has many years of training for Parkour.

k43 Flippin n Tricks is a fusion of Parkour skills, Tumbling, Gymnastic technique skills for students looking for a creative mix of sports to master their moves.

To REGISTER: All First timers please email for more information.  As an affiliated Gymnastics Club you will need to pay an Annual Registration fee upon enrolling in a class and to do a make up class it must be done within the Term booked. After you have done you Free Trial class you need to immediately Register for your class.  Any delay will NOT guarantee your place!  You may refer to our Policies page for more information on this matter.

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Flippin N Tricks

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